World Ballet in Skagen 2018

A unique experience awaits cruise guests to Skagen in 2018 when dancers from the Royal Ballet of London again are going to perform an open-air ballet by the Buried Church.


The Sanded Church, Skagen - July 17. 2018

Only available with ticket.

Tickets can be bought from Skagen Tourist Office from February 2018
















The Skagen Festival – international folk music festival

Skagen’s international folk music festival has been taking place since 1971 and features all kinds of folk music: Folk, folk/rock, jazz, ballads,

roots, blues and much, much more. Indoor and outdoor concerts spread all over town create a vibrant atmosphere along Skagen’s streets and alleys, not to mention down by the marina. The Skagen Festival attracts guests and music lovers from all over the world and the wonderful sight, and in particular sound, of so many nationalities interacting in the 4-day event adds an extra special dimension to the happy, carefree atmosphere which fills the air during the entire festival.


Each year a Folk Music Prize is awarded to a renowned musician. In 2008 the prize was given to the Scottish musician, Donovan for his lifelong achievements as a folk musician. Previous prize winners include Allan Taylor (UK) • Michael Wiehe (Sweden) • Tom Paxton (USA) • The Dubliners (Ireland) • The McCalmans (Scotland).


Over the years the Skagen Festival has featured bands and groups from as far a field as New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland and the North American continent as well as continental Europe. Check out to see a listing of the many artists who have taken part over the years.


The Skagen Festival takes place in the beginning of July each year. Dates for the coming years are as follows:


2018: 5/7 - 8/7


2019: 4/7 - 7/7


2020: 2/7 - 5/7



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